A quick update…

I have finally had some downtime to work on the website and write a quick post. I will do my best to update the website, including the blog. It’s been challenging between working (I’m an online English teacher), my personal dogs, our rescues, sterilizations, community outreach, and building our house! I’ve also done a bit of traveling here and there to visit family in the U.S.

We have just two rescues in our care right now, but they are the cutest little buttons! Thelma & Louise. The girls have been with us since they were just a few days old. The photo in this post was taken over a month ago but it’s one of my favorites. They are just so darn cute!!

When I have more time, I will post some updates on all our rescues. I’m proud to say that we have rescued and rehomed 28 dogs and 1 cat (who now lives with us). We have also sterilized 279 dogs and cats with a dream of sterilizing another 200 by the end of 2023. We just need the donations to help us do that!

If you have anything you’d like to see on our website or something you’d like to read out in a blog post, please let me know. I will be answering most commonly asked questions when I add an FAQ section and I’m dabbling with the idea of a podcast. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A quick update…”

  1. I have witnessed first hand the power Rocco’s Relief has to help animals in distress live their best life. I had the honor of meeting one of the rescue pups in her new life and the transformation was beyond words. Keep up the amazing work!❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️

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